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A Special Soundexperience

Lex van Someren celebrates a musical journey to the inner

Those people who have once experienced a concert with Lex van Someren, know that this Sound Artist has a talent to embody the dimensions of the soul in his music and performance art. His singing and chanting are like a poetic language of the heart, which touch a profound space within. Under the title "Like in Heaven" this Dutch performance artist, living in South Germany, invites us, together with his band, on a musical journey for heart and soul with an extraordinary world of sound VOICE - VISION - MYSTERY
Meditative music, enthralling melodies, mystical soundscape experiences, chanting, Lex' soulful voice and the silence blend into a harmonious synthesis that create a sense of wellbeing and a healing atmosphere, which have a profound and long range effect on the audience.
The concert repertoire includes many compositions by Lex van Someren and his musical partner, Frank Steiner, sacred chants (mantras) and surprising improvisations - music that the musicians create in the moment here-and-now.

With his versatile and magical voice, which reaches 4 octaves, this singer celebrates many of his songs in his soul language - words and syllables without rational meaning, which removes the distraction of the mind and empower the audience to listen with the heart.
These songs and brilliantly arranged and performed pieces of music transform the concert hall into a lively and sacred space, with a special feeling of silence where we can go on a soul journey and relax our body and mind.


Spherical music and soundexperiences with Lex van Someren & Band

The artist Lex van Someren knows the art of captivating his audience with his versatile talents as a singer, performance artist, composer and dancer and takes his listeners on a heavenly journey. His music touches the heart and soul!
The musicians surrounding sound artist Lex van Someren are the masters of their instruments under the colorful lights of the stage and join their creative forces to give the audience an unforgettable experience in music and sound.

Johannes Hustedt, who plays the flute, never ceases to surprise the audience by using a different flute for every song or changing to his soprano saxophone. Cellist Vache Bagratuni from Armenia creates a vocal counterpoint for every melody or uses his amazing overtones, while percussionist Nils Tannert impresses with his huge arsenal of drums or as a soloist playing the O-Daiko and black drum, with a strong physical input. Frank Steiner, who next to his keyboard- and trumpet playing is also the musical director, amazes by continuously changing the tones of his colorful sound carpet as a foundation for his musical performance.

But this is not all that can be said about the healing musical cords created by the artists surrounding singer-songwriter Lex van Someren. Lex has a vocal range of four octaves. With his deep bass, he wraps his audience in a soothing cloak of sounds or leads them to unknown highs with his falsetto. Combined with his soul language – a melodic sequence of syllables – but also with mantra texts in Sanskrit, an Ave Maria sung in Latin or with German songs that incorporate healing texts that touch the heart, he opens extraordinary spaces of sound that leave plenty of space for improvisation.
Through his music and singing, listeners can find a place of inner peace within our hectic times. An inner tranquility, that simply heals and soothes. After a few songs, most of the people in the audience have already been captivated by this unique spark. One can feel the contagious, heartwarming vibes flow through the concert hall, which turns the evening into an unforgettable celebration.

Lex van Someren and his band turn “spherical" music into something palpable. The kind of music that unites us and maybe, even changes us for the better.

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The artists beside Lex

Frank Steiner jr. keyboard, trumpet, musical director

As an arranger and componist he is the congenial musical partner of Lex since 1994. With his sensitive kind to develop and complete Lex' musical ideas he contributes a lot to the superb musical quality of all the productions through the years. This becomes apparent in meanwhile 30 albums they produced together.

Nils Tannert Percussion, Marimba, O-Daiko Drum

Studied classical music for many years and has traveled to Africa and Brazil during his studies. Tours and projects like dance theatre, flamenco, avant-garde, jazz, latin, and world-music formations. Great events with Japanese drums. Cooperation with musicians from the various cultures like Mongolia, Brazil, Cuba, and others.

Johannes Hustedt Flöte, Sopransaxophon

Johannes Hustedt studied music education and flute in Karlsruhe and Bremen with Renate Greiss-Armin, where he passed his exams with distinction. Since 2009 Johannes Hustedt is a frequent guest in Lex van Somerens concerts as a band member and as a soloist. With great musical virtuosity he plays various flutes from all over the world, which is why he is a real gain for the music of Lex and friends. His new instruments are the saxophone and the Duduk- a traditional woodwind instrument from Armenia with a very mystical and warm tone.

Vache Bagratuni Cello

Vache Bagratuni, born in Erewan, Republic of Armenia, was already introduced to the theater through his family, in particular by his father. Other stations during his education were the musical school "Peter Tschaikowsky", the Erewan State Musical Conservatory, and the Freiburg University of Music (Freiburg, Germany). At the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart, he finished his postgraduate study and soloist's class. He took master courses with N. Schakhovskaja, M. Khomitzer, D. Shafran, Suren Bagratuni, and N. Khoma. He played chamber music with the Tshilingarjan Quartet, London; he has orchestra experience with the Opera Orchestra / Freiburg i. Br. / Radio Symphony Orchestra, Baden-Baden / Radio Symphony Orchestra SWR, Stuttgart. Since February 2000, he is a member of the State Orchestra Stuttgart.

In 2016, Lex will once again present the audience with a mix of well-known music pieces and new additions to his performances. The newest member of his musical ensemble, artist Miriam Ströher, will add fresh and exciting sound accents to the existing musical arrangements. Prepare yourself for a surprise!

Brochure of the tour

would you like to receive a detailed brochure of the tour? No problem, you can order a free brochure by clicking on the button. We can also send you several brochures, if you want to spread them amongst your friends, or if you would like to help us reach a larger audience by distributing our brochures at suitable locations.

Visitors of the concerts write:

  • "This music expresses so much courage and confidence, so much strength, that I wish many more could enjoy and benefit from it.“

  • „Lex not only moves the heart, but also shows us the enormous potential of what we can do musically and vocally, if we learn to use the inexhaustible potential that we all carry within us. He is a huge inspiration.“

  • „During those three hours, I experienced the positive energy and radiating love, which allowed me to immerse myself in a dimension of the soul, which was created for us through his music. His art touches you so deeply and has such a healing effect! “

Tip: all churches are heated during the performance. However, due to our experience we advise you to dress in warm clothes or bring a blanket. If you would like to help us spread the news about our upcoming tour, we can send your brochures and/or posters that you can order at our office. We thank you in advance!

Natural Sonic Walls

The concert tour is sonicated with natural sonic walls.

Lex van Someren is one of the first artists worldwide, that uses revolutionary sound columns („Naturschallwandler“) for his stage projects. During his concerts, you will experience completely new, integrated dimensions, in which sounds and music unfold. Thanks to this unique acoustic system, the audience can literally ‘dive’ into the music and enjoy a soothing, intensely pleasant, three-dimensional and original sound experience. By using these sonic columns („Naturschallwandler“), the music will have an even greater healing and vitalizing effect. “With Mundus GmbH, we have found a wonderful business partner. Thanks to their efforts, all of our concerts will be sonicated with this ingenious lautspeaker system. I can advise anyone to enjoy music in this completely natural way. I cannot describe in words what happens, when I listen to my music via these natural acoustic transducers." - Lex van Someren -